Why Work in Schools?

Impact Lives

Work in schools. Make a difference.

Regularly Scheduled Time Off
Being in the school system you are guaranteed to have these days off, which is especially nice when your family lives in a different state. You have these vacations built in so you don’t have to request it off. Two weeks off for the holidays? Of course. Start planning in those extra vacations now, you'll have the time. On the other hand, if you want to brush up on clinical skills, the summer you have off from school may be the best time to take a medical assignment. You can carve your time any way you want as a school contractor and traveler!

Meet People
You really get to be a part of and collaborate with a diverse team in the school setting: general education teachers, special education teachers, psychologists, other therapy disciplines, and outside providers.

You have the opportunity to monitor your student outside of your therapy sessions when they are in a general ed classroom or during different times throughout the day. You really have the opportunity to impact your student in a more natural environment and make sure they working hard on the lessons you've been bringing to the table.

lots of kids

While working in schools you could potentially work with every kind of fluency and physical ability. You also could potentially see students from pre-school all the way to seniors in high school. You'll be challenged by all walks of life.

Make a Difference!
Many insurance plans don’t cover SLP, PT, or OT treatment for diagnoses that are developmental or congenital (such as articulation or the treatment associated with autism), or if they do, coverage is limited. Because these services are expensive, many times the only place these students can receive the interventions they need is at school. In addition, when a therapist helps a child, they usually get the opportunity to have a larger sphere of influence, positively impacting the environment at home and relationships with family members, friends, and teachers. You get to be the difference between a child’s success or potentially life-long struggle.