Welcome to Advanced School Staffing

Welcome to Advanced School Staffing

Welcome to Advanced School Staffing

Advanced School StaffingAdvanced is thrilled to announce the online presence of Advanced School Staffing. Launched in 2014, this dedicated division exists simply to focus on the desires and needs of therapists who want to work in school settings.

Our experienced schools team is committed to placing speech-language pathologists, SLP clinical fellows, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and new grad therapists in school contract positions across the country. We welcome you to explore the site and tap into the resources of an industry-leading school staffing company.

Explore Nationwide School Staffing. Start Making a Difference.

Site Highlights

Take a Local Contract

A page dedicated to helping therapists understand the ins and outs of contract positions in schools. This is a great place to start for PT, OT, or SLP new grads, and seasoned therapists wanting to get the benefits of taking contract school jobs without leaving a desired region or state.

Take a Travel Assignment

Well-versed travelers and experienced therapists may find themselves frustrated with barriers such as complex licensing, unresponsive recruiters, lower pay (especially in schools), or a lack of new opportunities. This resource will help those travelers understand how Advanced School Staffing sets itself apart in all those domains and more.

CF-SLPs & New Grads

Contract and travel school positions are perfect for PT and OT new grads, and CF-SLPs. Exclusive new grad benefits include $5,000 in tuition reimbursement, free and unlimited CEUs, and robust mentorship. CFs also get the ASHA certified supervion they need to complete their CCCs. Check out these pages to start carving your own unique career path!


Do you wonder what the benefits of working in a school as a contractor or traveler may be? Well wonder no more, the answers are here! (And trust us, the pay is way higher and the perks are sweeter.)

School Jobs

Advanced School Staffing has school contracts around the nation. It doesn’t hurt that contractors and travelers make significantly more than permanently placed counterparts! Our job search will allow you to look at opportunities available by discipline or state before you talk to someone on our team.

Rise to Your Potential and Start Carving A Career Filled With Meaning and Adventure!