Advanced Teletherapy

Elevate Student Therapy... Anywhere, Anytime!

Advanced Teletherapy helps districts across the nation overcome clinical staff shortages and ensure each and every student receives the high-quality Speech, Occupational, and Psychological therapy they deserve! Our teletherapy technology, Televate®, connects students with first-rate clinicians and customizable lessons so every student can achieve more!


Why Teletherapy

As the number of children diagnosed with disabilities increases, the burden on school districts to provide consistent, quality therapy grows. This can lead to high rates of dissatisfaction among district staff with oversized caseloads. As a company that has been passionately focused on helping schools overcome therapy staffing shortages, we developed Advanced Teletherapy to be an easy, effective solution.

Benefits of Partnering with Advanced

  • Scheduling sessions on your terms: Students can engage with their therapists from any location and at any time – before, during, or after usual class times.
  • Personalized sessions for each student: Our therapists have a variety of backgrounds and specialties so we can provide therapy that is customized to each student’s unique needs.
  • Instant performance tracking: Assessments, IEPs, notes, and communication between staff and parents are all readily available when you need them.
  • Compliance Counts: Your district will no longer be in jeopardy of not being in compliance with monthly service minutes.
  • Scalable staffing solutions: Whether your district needs therapy services for 1 student or 1,000, our reliable network of flexible clinicians stand ready to help.
  • Reduction of stress on current staff: Supplementing with Advanced Teletherapists helps current staff maintain reasonable caseloads, increases overall effectiveness, and reduces costly staff turnover.
  • Hand-selected W2 therapists: Our teletherapists are carefully chosen for your district by our Teletherapy Director and are committed W2 employees of Advanced.

Simple and Effective Therapy Technology Powered by Televate®

Advanced is proud to offer our industry leading teletherapy software, Televate®, which was built precisely with school districts in mind. While using our platform, each student works face-to-face with their therapist while interacting with thousands of customizable lessons designed to meet their individual needs. The platform is HIPAA, FERPA, and COPPA compliant, extremely easy to set-up and use and offers convenient, built-in tracking tools to follow each student’s progress.


Learn More and Get a Free Demo

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