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Reduce Costs, Keep Current Staff Happy and Provide Therapy to Every Child

Advanced Teletherapy helps districts overcome clinical staff shortages and deliver the best therapeutic care for their kids.  We accomplish this by connecting students with outstanding Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and School Psychologists using a web-based software to conduct live sessions. We serve all types of schools and districts including public, private, charter and virtual.

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When districts use Advanced Teletherapy they can:

Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary staff travel expenses and downtime

Meet student’s IEP goals and minutes requirements

Provide more effective therapy with 1:1 or 1:2 clinician-student ratios

Reduce stress on current staff with oversized caseloads

Using Advanced Teletherapy in our district has alleviated the burden on our current staff and allowed for every kiddo to receive first-rate therapy. Truly a lifesaver!"

Gina T., Special Ed Director

Where Talent Meets Tech

We Only Hire the Best Clinicians

Our Teletherapists are hand-selected for your district by our in-house Clinical Director, interviewed via the Teletherapy platform, and are required to complete a mock therapy session. These Clinicians are W2 employees of Advanced and are routinely available to provide services for multiple school years, improving the continuity of care in your district.

Simple and Effective Technology

Advanced’s therapists provide treatment via our secure HIPAA, FERPA and COPPA compliant tele-practice software. The platform is easy to install, requires very little training and offers a variety of self-service features including: session reporting, progress reports, goal tracking and calendar scheduling.

Teletherapy Success Team

Each district has a Teletherapy Success Team that will be onsite throughout the integration process. Once integrated, your success team will be available to each provider, teletherapy facilitator, and school administrator through one point-of-contact and available 24-7.

Benefits of Partnering with Advanced

  • Clinician Training: Our teletherapy clinicians are all W2 employees of Advanced so they receive extensive clinical and teletherapy training.
  • Customized Contracts: We don’t have a minimum hour requirement. Your needs are unique and so are our contracts.
  • On-Site Onboarding: We will send our team to get your school staff properly trained and oriented to our technology and the teletherapy process.
  • One Point-of-Contact: Our world class customer service includes a dedicated Account Manager who is available for all of your needs.
  • 100% Fill-Rate Guarantee: We are certain all your Clinical staff openings will be met when you partner with Advanced Teletherapy.

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Get a free teletherapy demo with our Director of Teletherapy, Jennifer Martin MS, CCC-SLP. This will allow your team to experience the platform first-hand.

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