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What are Local School Therapy Contracts?

Travel therapists or contractors can choose to take on a local contract or travel all of the nation on assignment in school settings. Many SLP, CF, OT or PT contracts last for the duration of the school year, though there are exceptions. School Therapy is in demand! Get into a growing therapy field early and build your skills as the market expands.

That’s where it becomes more than just a regular school therapy job.

Local school contracts is like getting all the perks of a travel therapist, without traveling too far from home. School contracts offer less drama and more stability, which means you can focus on doing what you love!  You have the freedom to create new opportunities and professional connections in a familiar setting. You can even bring a friend! Travel with a friend or refer your SLP, CF, OT, or PT friends and earn even more cash.

It’s rising to your potential and discovering a career journey.

Sounds good right?

So How Do Therapy Contracts Work?


At first it isn’t that different from a permanent placement position. When you decide to take a school contract, we assign you a personal recruiter who works closely with you to learn your career goals and professional preferences.


When we find you a PT, SLP, CF or OT assignment that fits, we help you with any necessary paperwork. Once all the boring stuff is out of the way, it’s time to head in to your awesome new job.


All of your travel costs are covered by Advanced School Staffing, and when you arrive you’ll have free, furnished housing ready for you to call home. If you decide to find your own place, we’ll provide you with a housing stipend.


Then, you spend the duration of your contract in your school meeting new people, learning new skills and exploring new places. Once your therapy assignment is up, you can stay on longer or discover new destinations. It’s your therapy career, so it's up to you.

Where Does Advanced Fit In?

Right now there are more school therapy jobs than there are therapists to fill them. This is great news if you are an SLP, CF, PT or OT. That’s where Advanced School Staffing comes in. We work to find schools in need of talented therapists and add them to our nationwide network of available therapist jobs.

When you work with us, we match you to a school and an age group you're best suited for. You never pay anything to Advanced. We get paid by the schools to find them therapy talent. You take home everything you earn.

You can work with Advanced School Staffing as long as you want. We assign you a personal recruiter that will work closely with you on assignment and off. Our goal is to be your advocate and provide you all of the amazing opportunities that school contract work and travel therapy offers.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you currently seek new challenges in your therapy career?

Meet new people and try new things as a contract therapist.

Are you frustrated by your lack of opportunity in your current location?

Broaden your therapy skillset and your connections.

Does the idea of stepping into a new city excite you?

There’s a lot to explore with a travel therapist job.

Have you always wanted to travel but couldn’t find the time or money?

Excellent pay and benefits make it easy to accomplish.

Is adventure something you seek
in your off time?

Take a break in between assignments for some extended vacations!

If you answered YES, then travel therapy is in your future.

Time to get excited!

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