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My number one goal when I became a recruiter was to put myself into a position where I can help others. Advanced provided me a dream opportunity by putting me in a position to help others help others(and have a lot of fun in the process)

Fun Fact

When I'm not at my desk, you can find me outside taking advantage of all the beauty Colorado has to offer. All we need here is an ocean! I am an avid traveler, I love to explore new places both remote and metropolitan. I am the rare person that finds myself equally comfortable exploring in an area where I am the only human in sight or in the most urban areas surrounded by millions of strangers. I am most comfortable outside of my comfort zone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I get paid?

You are paid on a weekly basis.

What happens after my assignment is complete?

Before your assignment is over, your recruiter will begin discussing available options with you. If an extension is offered, you may choose to accept that as well. If you want to take a vacation, your recruiter will help you plan your assignments accordingly so you have plenty of freedom and flexibility.

How do I become an Advanced Travel Therapy therapist?

To become an Advanced Travel Therapy therapist, simply fill out our online application.

How does housing work?

Take advantage of a generous stipend and find your own housing, or the Advanced team can assist you with corporate options.

Why would I want to work in schools?

Longer contracts with far lower likelihoods of a notice. All those school holidays you looked forward to as a kid? You will get those days off while on contract with us!

How do I choose an assignment?

To help you choose an assignment in travel therapy, Advanced has a team of talented and experienced recruiters to ensure that your placement is in accord with your career aspirations, travel preferences and pretty much any other modifier that may come into play as you select the travel therapy position that makes sense for you.