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Born in Detroit MI, I too had the opportunity to travel the USA as a Professional Ice Hockey Official before landing in Denver for the last 10+ years. I love this position and specifically working with my Clinical Fellows helping them grow, flourish, and achieve their goals. I operate with very simple rules – Honesty, Transparency, Do the Right Thing

Fun Fact

I enjoy everything Colorado – Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Skiing, Hunting, anything outdoors really…Idle is a curse word in my house! I prefer tents and solitude over 5 star hotels. In almost all of my activities you will also find my awesome wife, Amanda, and my shaggy, yet handsome bird dog, Hank, by my side. Hank even has his own Instagram @adventuresofhankdog check him out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What travel therapist specialties does Advanced staff?

Advanced provides staffing solutions for OT, PT, PTA, COTA and SLP travel therapy specialities.

Do you offer reimbursement for the cost of licensure in a new state?

Yes, Advanced Medical offers state licensure reimbursement.

What types of contract/travel assignments are available and how long are they?

Advanced offers travel assignments in PT, OT and SLP roles nationwide. These positions typically 13 weeks in duration, however this varies based on the clients' needs. School contracts are usually 9 months.

Is there a fee when becoming a travel therapist with Advanced?

Not at all. You become our employee and we pay you.

Why would I want to work in schools?

Longer contracts with far lower likelihoods of a notice. All those school holidays you looked forward to as a kid? You will get those days off while on contract with us!

What licenses do I need to have to work in a school?

This depends on the state and the district. Some schools simply need for you to have a state board license. Others will require a special teaching certificate. Don’t worry if the certificate takes a long time to be conferred as many schools/states will allow you to work with a pending teaching certificate! Your recruiter and QA specialist will serve as your guides when it comes to navigating licensure questions. We have the answers!