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I have been a recruiter for the last 14 years, predominantly with a Wall Street focus in New York where I grew up. In 2017 I decided to move to Denver, and I'm thrilled to have found Advanced Therapy. As the Aunt of a severely autistic, non verbal boy, I understand the challenges parents face getting quality therapy for special needs kiddos. Advanced allows me to use my recruiting skills to do exactly that, bring the best of the best therapists to kiddos like my nephew Jack. I have always been a "people person" and in addition to finding awesome opportunities for the therapists I work with, I also make them laugh, discuss just about every topic of personal life, and as a result we always have a good time.

Fun Fact

I am a 12th generation American, my ancestors settled the Village of Bridgehampton, NY, and when I was born I was named Ingrid, so that I would have a unique name and not be lost in a shuffle of hundreds of local family members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is housing really free?

Yes, housing really is free. Advanced Medical provides a fully furnished home for it's travel therapists. In addition, if you would like to make arrangements for housing on your own, Advanced Medical offers a generous housing allowance.

Is Advanced certified by the Joint Commission?

Yes, Advanced is certified by the Joint Commission

Do you provide housing or is there an allowance?

Yes, Advanced Medical offers free, fully furnished housing. In addition, we also offer a housing allowance to those travel therapists who wish to make their own housing accommodations.

Are all your school jobs in super rural, out of the way areas?

Not at all. We see openings in all geographic areas. Sure, some of them are super rural or in quiet, out of the way towns. But other jobs exist in urban areas as well.

How much do healthcare travelers earn?

Travelers earn different pay depending on their individual placements, but typically travelers earn more than Permanent Therapists.

Am I obligated to travel with Advanced if I fill out an application?

Nope. You are no required to travel with Advanced if you have filled out an application and your information is always kept confidential.