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I am naturally personable and find that I easily relate to a wide variety of people. I am passionate about New Grads, their motivations, and providing them with the best professional advice I can give. I am confident in my knowledge of the industry and believe it’s my obligation to share this knowledge to get Therapists to their long-term goals. I love what I do and find joy in coming to work every day!

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|From the Navajo Nation|Love Humans, Coffee and Tacos… be continued|

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of support is provided if I have a clinical or administrative problem?

Advanced provides 24 hour customer service and has a full time Clinical Director to assist you in resolving any issues may come up.

Is housing really free?

Yes, housing really is free. Advanced Medical provides a fully furnished home for it's travel therapists. In addition, if you would like to make arrangements for housing on your own, Advanced Medical offers a generous housing allowance.

What compensation and benefits are available for travel therapists?

Travel therapists are offered benefits similar to those of a permanent job, and are even better because they start on day 1. Compensation for travel therapists is also typically better than their permanent counterparts.

What happens after my assignment is complete?

Before your assignment is over, your recruiter will begin discussing available options with you. If an extension is offered, you may choose to accept that as well. If you want to take a vacation, your recruiter will help you plan your assignments accordingly so you have plenty of freedom and flexibility.

What types of contract/travel assignments are available and how long are they?

Advanced offers travel assignments in PT, OT and SLP roles nationwide. These positions typically 13 weeks in duration, however this varies based on the clients' needs. School contracts are usually 9 months.

What is per diem?

Per diem is a daily allowance to cover the various costs when traveling.