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Clinical Fellowship Program for SLPs

Our program is designed to offer more job placement opportunities while ensuring a consistent and meaningful mentorship experience. Every Clinical Fellow that enters our program is paired with a seasoned, ASHA certified supervisor—someone who will give you support and guidance throughout your fellowship. After all, the better prepared you are, the sooner you’ll reach your goals.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy New Grads

Finding a job after graduating can be overwhelming. Having little to no experience in your field can leave you with more questions than ever before. We have the answer: our New Grad program. We place PT and OT new graduates into school jobs and pair them with a mentor from their same discipline who has experience in the school setting.

Benefits Built for New Graduates

Every therapist enrolled in our Clinical Fellowship and New Grad program is eligible to receive
the following benefits:

$5,000 Tuition reimbursement:

Complete a set number of assignments in two years and we’ll give you $5,000 in tax free money to help pay back any tuition loans you may have.

Free and Unlimited CEUs:

Our CEU platform is a robust online library of over 1,000 hours of constantly updated content. From pre-recorded classes, to text-based materials and live seminars, you can choose when and how to fulfill your CEUs.

State Licensure Reimbursement:

If you need to get licensed in a new state, we’ll reimburse you for the cost.

Clinical Fellows Also Receive:

Exclusive Mentorship and Supervision:

Advanced retains SLP Supervisors on staff to provide unparalleled mentorship to every Clinical Fellow in our program. This ensures Clinical Fellows are getting consistent support and guidance throughout their fellowship and prepared to reach all of their career goals.

Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) Reimbursement:

We understand the value of this internationally recognized credential. Because it can be a costly and lengthy process to obtain it, we’ll reimburse you when you are a CCC-SLP.

Is a school setting right for me?

A school placement means:

Higher Earnings

Due to the shortages of these specialties, contractual therapists can demand higher compensation than permanent-school and even medical-setting therapists.


School-based assignments are very stable and can often be renewed year after year. No more getting your notice when your caseload drops.

Built-in time off and natural breaks

Enjoy all the holidays and vacations that come with school district calendars. Use this time off to travel, relax, or earn extra income with PRN work.

Making an Impact

Therapists can work with kids who might not otherwise receive help. You’re able to make a direct impact on their quality of life, their future potential and the overall community.

Stay in your neck of the woods
or explore the country

Advanced has opportunities in schools across the country. If there are school openings in your area, you can commute daily and support your local community. For locations a little further away, you can take a travel placement, which comes with these tax-free benefits:

Weekly stipend

We’ll provide you with a meals and incidentals amount based on a 7-
day week.


We’re happy to put you up in corporate housing. Or you can choose to take a
generous housing stipend and find your own.

Travel Expense Reimbursement

We’ll reimburse you for your expenses to get to your
new placement.

Go beyond permanent employment

Repeat after us: I will always have a job. I will always be in control. I will get to choose where and how I work. Consider that your new mantra. As an Advanced therapist, you get to enjoy the pay-scale and flexibility of contract employment, while reaping the benefits of a permanent position.

As an Advanced W2 employee, you can choose:

Year-Round Benefits Package: This is the closest option to a traditional salary-style, permanent employment position.

When you choose this option, you’ll receive:

Year-Round Pay: Receive paychecks even during summer and school holidays.
Year-Round Healthcare: Your health, dental and vision coverage isn’t dependent on when school is in session.

Advanced’s therapists are also eligible to elect any of the following benefits:

Health Insurance: Comprehensive Health, Dental, and Vision insurance are available for yourself, your spouse, or your whole family.

Compensation Options: You can choose to receive the most money in each paycheck, or let us help you budget and we’ll spread out your pay over the full year (Year-Round Option.)

401(k) Savings Plan: Prudential Retirement Package.

Life Insurance: Complimentary life insurance coverage with the option to add additional coverage at a nominal rate.

Short and Long-Term Disability Coverage:  Available Day 1 of your assignment.

Licensure Fees Reimbursement: Need to get licensed in a new state for a job? No problem. We’ll reimburse you for the cost.

Professional Liability Coverage: Our policy is in effect from the first to the last day of your assignment.

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