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Technically, Virginia is located in the South. Visit in the summer and you would probably agree, with it's humid days and warm evenings. Visit in the winter, however, and you'll be dodging snowplows on the street and snowboarders on the slopes. This is the awesome seasonal duality of Virginia. Its also a state steeped in history, but filled with forward looking people looking to change the future. Parts of Virginia are a subway ride away from bustling cityscape of the nation's capital, other parts are a short drive into the Pennsylvania countryside where you can tour Amish farms and experience complete quiet. 

The oldest tavern in Virginia was founded in 1779.

That's not to say there isn't a ton to do in Virginia itself, because there is. Throw a rock (figuratively) and you'll hit something of historical significance. These aren't just museums and statues, but actual houses and buildings that were around during the founding of our country. Take a stroll in the evening and you'll end up passing buildings built in the late 1700's, or getting desert in a shop that was frequented by past Presidents. Now there's a conversation starter.

Virginia is For Lovers (so says their license plate)

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Featured Cities


The capital city of Richmond is the 4th biggest in Virginia, which is amazing considering how big it feels. Home to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Historical Society, there is a lot of history to see - but a lively nightlife means you'll have plenty to look forward to.


Arlington is located right across the river from Washington, D.C. Home to famous memorials such as the Pentagon memorial and Arlington National Cemetery - it also has the beautiful Theodore Roosevelt park located on an island in the middle of the Potomac.


Three guesses on what the best part of Virginia Beach is. Along with it's expansive beachfront, there is a 3-mile long boardwalk and the Virginia Aqaurium & Marine Science Center.


Located in the Blue Mountains, Roanoke is the commercial and cultural hub of southwest Virginia. It's also an outdoor lover's dream, with nearby hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, fly-fishing, and other outdoor pursuits.

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Do you see yourself living an East Coast lifestyle? Strolls on the Virginia Beach boardwalk, or taking the subway into Washington D.C. to stroll by the White House? Check out some of our travel therapy jobs in Virginia, then contact a recruiter and pack your bags!

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