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Second in size only to Alaska, you're average Texan would probably still argue that their state is bigger. It's because everything is big there: the landscapes, the food, and the personalities. Also, the opportunities. If you want big city, Texas gives you Dallas. Want that small town artsty feel? You get Austin. Want to disappear for the weekend? Pick a direction and drive. You'll probably meet someone amazing and see something new, no matter where you go.  

Texas has 3,700 named streams and 15 major rivers.

Because of its size, Texas has every type of geographical feature you could want. Texas goes from warm and arid desert spots to coastal and sub-tropical climates, along with having some of the most amazing state parks in the United States. Just make sure to plan ahead because at it's widest, Texas spans over 750 miles. That's the larger than most small countries. Don't worry about memorizing any of these facts though, most Texans will remind you.

Be sure to pack water, snacks, and maybe a lasso.

The stars at night are big and bright...

Featured Cities


Austin has outgrown its college-town roots to become one of the hottest places in the country (not literally). A mecca for tech companies, bands, filmmakers, or just about anyone who wants to enjoy all the culture Austin has to offer. Get ready to wear a lot of wristbands, as Austin is "Live Music Capital of the World."


At over 600 sq. miles, Houston is the place to go if you are looking for big-city living. It's also a sport's lovers dream, with professional sports teams in every sport: football, basketball, baseball and soccer. They tried hockey, but the ice kept melting.


How can you forget San Antonio, home of the Alamo? You can gain an appreciation of it's rich military history, all while enjoying it's unique folk art and culture from the surrounding areas. Check out the Riverwalk along the San Antonio River. You'd think it was Venice if it wasn't for all the cowboy hats.


Want a big state but a small town? Abilene gives you the best of both worlds: a small town feel but a central location that gives you access to the rest of the state. This is real "small town" Texas living, with the desert at your doorstep.

Texas School Jobs

If your dreams are as big as Texas, then there is only one place to fulfill them. Check out all of our travel therapy jobs in Texas, then packs your saddlebags, contact a recruiter, and get ready for an adventure. Just remember: there is no basement in the Alamo.

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