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What can be said about New York that hasn't been said in countless songs, films and books? It's New York - the state that has served as the gateway to a new life for millions of people. Unless you are Native American, you probably have an ancestor whose first glimpse of America was the Statue of Liberty, and whose first steps into their new lives were through Ellis Island. Today, New York is still looked upon as a place where many go to transform their lives in amazing ways. Plus, it has like a million different accents.

From the biggest cities to the smallest towns.

Ask any New Yorker how they split up the state, and they will tell you "upstate and downstate." If you want to live the busy city life, you're going to be living downstate. If you want to experience the amazing forest and agriculture that New York is (secondarily) known for, then Upstate is for you. Or you can be a true resident and experience both - New York state isn't that big with only about a four hour drive from south to north.

Either way, you're a New Yorker.

Let's just grab a taxi...

Featured Cities


The quintessential big city experience, New York City is the place you want to be if you are looking to be in the middle of everything. If "The City That Never Sleeps" sounds like the perfect compliment to your personality, then it's NY, NY for you. Your selfie game better be strong, though... you're going to see a lot of landmarks.


Feeling like you want the city in reach but need a smaller town feel? Dive into one of New York City's 5 Burroughs and check out Brooklyn. A younger population has made Brooklyn one of the most desired East Coast places to do just about anything... it's a music/tech/maker/hipster paradise. We liked Brooklyn before everyone else heard of it, though.


Ithaca is an Ivy League town, home to Cornell University as well as 30,000 other residents who enjoy it's lake-adjacent location. Want to keep that college-town feel but explore NY's natural wonders? Ithaca is the place to be. You also get to say you live in Ithaca, which just sounds prestigious.


Like keeping your options open? Check out Syracuse, which is commonly known as the crossroads of New York. A large city with a culture all it's own - it's also the intersection of Interstate 81 and 90, along with having one of the largest airports in the nation. Travel hub!

New York Schools Jobs

Does New York sound like your next destination? Check out our travel therapy jobs in New York, then go to Netflix and watch every Scorcese movie you can while you pack your bags. You gotta get that accent down before you hail a cab (or call an Uber).

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