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Undeniably Desert

Monument Valley. Temperature averages in triple digits. The state flower is a cactus. You know what you're getting in Arizona: a desert lover's paradise. You'll get hot, dry summers and cool, mild winters. You'll also get some of the most amazing year-round opportunities for adventure in the surrounding forest and mountain regions - including spots that receive significant snowfall. It's unlike most of the rest of the United States, which is what makes it such a unique and interesting state. 

Ever skied in the desert?

Arizona isn't just tumbleweed and wild-west shows, though. Arizona has some of the largest cities east of the Mississippi - each with their own unique culture and focus. Discover your inner foodie, find your favorite new band, and road-trip your way through one of the most picturesque states in the nation. It has 18 national monuments, which is more than any other state. Visit them all!

Just make sure your A/C is working, though.

Oh yeah, it has the Grand Canyon, too.

Featured Cities


We've talked a lot about the desert, but you can get some serious snowplay done in Flagstaff. This medium-sized city is an adventure lover's dream, with hiking, skiing, and outdoor fun aplenty. Blow your friend's minds by sending them a snowy snapchat.


Home of the University of Arizona, Tucson is full of the college-town culture you'd expect to find in a place with a younger population. It has a great music and theater scene, as well as a good mix of art and natural museums. The music scene is in a class all it's own, with bands that basically started their own genre hailing from Tucson.


If you want to get some wild-west living in, hitch up your horse and visit Chandler, which is an equestrian lover's dream. It's also one of Arizona's fastest growing cities, all while keeping it's traditional Arizona roots. You'll find Chandler natives mixing it up with young professionals when you head out on the town.


Sometimes state capitals can be a dud, but luckily that's not the case with Phoenix. It has an awesome subtropical desert climate, and is considered the cultural hub of the entire state. If all that snow talk had you worried, then this is the place to be. In recorded history, it's largest snowfall was an inch - and that's only happened twice.

Arizona Schools Jobs

If you really want to change up your scenery and experience something new, you have to visit Arizona. There isn't enough space on this page to explore all the things you can do here. Browse our travel therapy jobs in Arizona, pack your bags, then Google Arizona skydiving... the observatory... the Sonoran Desert... (we could go on and on).

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