Why You Should Consider Being a School-Based SLP

Why You Should Consider Being a School-Based SLP

We put together a very simple and brief infographic highlighting some reasons why you should consider being a school-based SLP.  Some of these reasons are factual while others subjective to opinion.  If you’re considering a move to a school setting, or you already are in a school therapy job and looking for a travel SLP job, then you should contact us and speak to a recruiter.

Also note, that some of these statistics are subject to job location and availability.

Reason 1: Job Satisfaction

  • Work with children on a daily basis
  • Wide range of disability to serve
  • Benefit to society and great fulfillment
Reason 2: Summers off / 185 Work year to:
  • Spend time with family & friends
  • Travel, travel, travel
Reason 3: Salary
  • Travel pay is more than permanent pay (and that applies to school-based travel SLP jobs)
  • Competitive pay vs healthcare based
Reason 4: Positive Job Outlook
  • 23% Job Growth Expected