Why You Should Complete Your Clinical Fellowship in A School Job

Why You Should Complete Your Clinical Fellowship in A School Job

CF in SchoolsComplete your CF. Get Your CCCs. Make a difference.

Vacations and Scheduled Time Off 

Working in the school system guarantees you time off that you wouldn’t get in a medical setting. This is a great option for CF’s who have friends or family living in different states. Without having to request PTO, you can easily plan the getaways you need and want. A wonderful work-life balance can be yours!

Supportive and Positive Environment

Most CFs find that working in a school setting allows them to collaborate with a diverse team that has the noble goal of nurturing the children whose lives they impact. Working with general education teachers, special education teachers, psychologists, and other therapists, CFs in schools will be surrounded by people to learn from and lean on.

Holistic Approach

The school setting allows a CF to monitor students outside of therapy sessions alone, which may occur in different classrooms and times throughout the day. This facilitates a clinical fellow’s ability to integrate evaluations and therapy into a more natural environment. It also gives CFs the opportunity to ensure that students are applying lessons and improving. In addition, when a therapist helps a child, they usually have a larger sphere of influence, positively impacting the environment at home and relationships with family members, friends, and teachers.

Dynamic and Extensive Experience

Unlike many medical settings, schools give CFs the opportunity to work with every kind of fluency and physical ability. A clinician could potentially see students ranging from preschoolers to seniors in high school.  Treatment possibilities are endless and a CF will be challenged to learn and grow.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds: Schools and Medical with Travel

Travel contracts at schools usually last for the length of the school year. Traveling CFs do make more than permanently placed school CFs and can take advantage of many benefits like tuition, licensure, and CCC reimbursement, tax-breaks and stipends, referral bonuses, and consistently high pay. CFs who want to continue on in schools after they complete their clinical fellowships can still use summer breaks to take travel assignments in medical settings if they so choose.

Make a Real Difference!

This point really is the bottom line. Working in a school means making a difference. You can have a lasting, meaningful impact on a student and change their lives for the better. In addition, many insurance plans don’t cover SLP treatment for diagnoses that are developmental or congenital, or if they do, coverage is limited. Due to the high cost often associated with SLP treatment, much of the time, the only place these students can receive the interventions they need is at school. Sessions with a school based CF can be the difference between a child’s success or potentially life-long struggle.


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