6 Surprising Facts About School Travel Assignments

6 Surprising Facts About School Travel Assignments

If you’re a brand-new therapist or eyeing a change from the medical setting, you have probably considered the idea of working in a school. We want to make sure you don’t have any misconceptions so you can truly determine if a school assignment is right for you. Check out our top six facts about school contracts that might make your jaw drop—in a good way!

1.) School Contracts Offer Highly Competitive Compensation

When you’re a traveler/contractor, the school setting often pays more than many medical contracts and always more than permanent school therapists earn. School travel positions offer weekly hours that are set and do not change, so your earnings remain stable.

2.) Schools Provide Great Training and Mentorship Opportunities

Schools are more flexible with training and opportunities to learn, as they can spend more time on training than medical facilities. In addition, Advanced has several SLP Clinical staff members with pediatrics and school experience to support our Clinicians in the field.  We also offer free and unlimited CEUs to brush up on any skills.

3.) You Can Switch to Medical Settings After Working in Schools

School setting work does not knock you out of the medical game. This is still relevant experience, as you are working with multiple diagnoses and treatments. Your recruiter can help you showcase your skills properly on your resume and you can always take medical contracts over the summer to stay fresh.

4.) School Contracts are Normally 9 Months Long (but shorter contracts do exist)

The vast majority of School setting contracts are for 9 months (i.e., the duration of the school-year). There are some cases where they may be shorter—including maternity leave or if you are covering the second half of the school-year. Your recruiter will work with you to find contract lengths that fit your needs.

Leah, School OT, went to China on her Summer break.

5.) Many Clinicians Like the Stability of a Longer Assignment (and Summer Break)

Many of our travelers like the stability of being in one location rather than moving every 13 weeks. You can really get to know the area and enjoy the built-in breaks that school calendars offer. It’s also a great opportunity to travel with a partner or friend since many districts have multiple openings. Read more about how some of our school setting therapists have taken advantage of their Summer breaks!

6.) School Travelers Have Access to Great Benefits

When you work full-time through a company like Advanced, you are a W2 employee on our payroll. This means we can offer you great health, dental and vision insurance, along with 401(k) plans, professional and general liability insurance, and more.  We’ll also take taxes out of your pay, so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s the best of both worlds! Learn more about our benefits for school therapists here.

These facts should help you form a more complete picture of working in the school setting as a travel or contract therapist. Whether or not you think a school assignment should be a part of your future plans, hopefully you see the clear benefits of the job and the flexibility it affords within your overall therapy career.

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