4 Tips For School SLPs To Help Students Keep Up Skills Over Summer

4 Tips For School SLPs To Help Students Keep Up Skills Over Summer

Keep It Brief and Simple

The easiest way to help parents keep up and build their child’s communication skills over the summer, is to keep it simple and quick to do. Tell them to focus on short activities that can be easily done at any time. It can include taking 10 minute periods after breakfast or before going to bed to work on speech activities. If they struggle with certain sounds, try to incorporate them in summer activities like traveling or going to zoos and museums.


Supply SLP Summer Gift Bags

Everyone likes to receive gifts, especially kids. You can put together a bag with some items to encourage communication skills throughout the summer. You can include colorful crayons and a journal. Or puzzles and playdoh to work on language concepts while improving fine motor skills. Another fun toy to include can be a bottle of bubbles as they help oral motor skills like lip rounding and backwards tongue movements.


Offer Incentives

If there are areas of speech and language that your kiddo needs to improve, you can give them workbooks to complete over the summer. Tell them that they will receive a sticker for each page they complete. If you want to do even more, you can tell them that they will get a small toy or prize for each five pages they complete.


Use Technology

Let’s face it, kids nowadays are very technology inclined. If they have a tendency of using their parents cell phones or tablets, encourage parents to download apps that are focused on reading, language, and building vocabulary. There are tons of really fun apps available that are more like games, but help kids maintain skills learned during the school year.


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