10 Reasons to Travel for Your Clinical Fellowship

10 Reasons to Travel for Your Clinical Fellowship

“I think maybe I’ll travel in a few years, once I have my CCC’s…” Nonsense! You can begin your travel career as a clinical fellow with our innovative clinical fellowship program which combines the thrill of traveling with quality mentorship and support. Why should you consider traveling for your clinical fellowship you might ask? Here are a few reasons…

10. Varied experiences

Your first year out of school you could have experience with two-three different settings and populations. This makes you incredibly marketable and well-rounded, which will only help increase opportunities down the road. You will also develop an incredible ability to feel confident walking into any facility to treat clients right away.

9. No Need to Specialize

With traveling, you don’t need to pick one area of interest; you have the opportunity to develop a wide variety of skills, instead of just one skills set like you would in a permanent position. You can explore all the different populations and areas of treatment to figure out which ones suit you the best. You might be surprised!

8. Reimbursements

Tuition reimbursement? Check. CCC’s and licensure reimbursement? Check, check.

7. Flexibility

Travel comes with incredible flexibility! Want to take a few weeks off between assignments? Sure! Want to take a job in North Carolina then California? No problem! Want to switch between settings and populations? Go for it! There really is no limit to the possible outcomes you could create for yourself along with the help of Advanced.

6. Lucrative

Travel positions pay significantly more than a permanent position because of the tax-free benefits. Whether you want to be responsible and save it or spend it on a vacation or shopping spree, no one can complain about getting a few extra hundred dollars more per week.


5. Access to Resources

In addition to our mentors, you’ll have unlimited clinical resources at your fingertips. As part of our new graduate program, you’ll have access to unlimited continuing education courses so you are able to continue learning post-graduation. Whether you have a unique case, need to brush up on treatment techniques that you learned first semester of graduate school, or want to prepare for a new setting, we’ve got you covered.

4. Many Layers of Support

Whether it’s mentors, supervision, clinical resources, or CEU’s — we have built in layers of support to not only help you be successful in your clinical fellowship but also as a traveler.

3. Mentorship

Mentorship and traveling don’t sound like they would go together, however, our ground-breaking tele-supervision makes supervising and mentoring meaningful (and stress free). If consistent and quality mentorship is important to you during your clinical fellowship, our program is a win-win situation for you.

2. Travel

Take advantage of where you are and explore! Go to new restaurants, take weekend trips, and get to know the amazing area around you. Aim to make friends wherever you go, then when you come back to visit you won’t need to reserve a hotel. Getting to travel is an incredibly enriching experience that most aren’t able to do because of their jobs: as a traveling therapist, traveling is your job!

1. Amazing Experiences
See the country and get paid for it! Traveling is an amazing way to see new places, meet new people, and grow tremendously as a professional in a short amount of time.

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